What is Hi-Fashion Photography? How to Learn It?


 Fashion photography is a genre designed to display high fashion items like clothing. Fashion photography is conducted usually for fashion magazines and advertisements. It has developed its own aesthetic over time in which fashions and clothes are promoted with the presence of accessories and exotic locations.
With such a great audience presence, glamorous international lifestyle, and high pay-checks, fashion photography seem one of the most sought-after professions in the world. If you are a fashion photographer looking for the best fashion photography course in Delhi making way to top magazines, here are some of the tips to start your journey.
  • Fashion photography must convey the presence of authority and direction of the model should be self-assured and confident. Your photographs shouldn’t show the signs of stress, anxiety, or lack of direction in the performance of your model. So, you should make the subject feel involved and comfortable. Make a short list before shooting and rehearse the composition and technique for each shot. Prepare the props, location, and clothes before shooting and be sure to convey your objective, agenda, and posing directions calmly for a very effective shoot.
  • Fashion photography is all about beauty and clothes. So, pull all aspects of the scene and model to reflect the same. If the shoot focuses on clothes, use hair styling and makeup to compliment the clothes and vice versa. If you want a seductive or appealing look, look for heavy, dark makeup and over-styled hair, or for natural or innocent feel, go with subdued pastel tones, soft flowing hairstyles,, and gentle makeup. Unusual looking people bring personality and interest to the piece and female models with big lips, almond eyes, symmetrical faces, and small chins are more commercial.
  • Posing can be the difficult part to excel. But you can browse through the latest women’s and men’s magazines to target some of the inspired suggestions and get a hold on what is trending. Use poses which call for angular body shapes or ‘broken down’ poses which can add edginess and spark to the piece and also elongate body length.
  •  The studio is the best place to perform photo shoot as photographers can stabilize conditions and control lighting. If you are going to shoot in a studio environment, be sure to consider all areas of the scene to avoid shadows you don’t want and use separate light meter instead of one in the camera. It will provide a more accurate reading.
  •  If you cannot own all the expensive equipment and hire a professional studio, clear a space in your room which has large windows and place a white fabric, sheet, or net around the window. You can have a bright homemade softbox for yourself on a sunny day to flatter even light.
  •  When shooting in the sun or in low light, you may need an additional source of light. If you just have the flash, instead of shooting directly, set it to bounce off a wall, nearest reflector, or ceiling. Try different angles to create various effects and find out what works best for the scene you are going to shoot.
To learn hi-fashion photography, TGC India is the best fashion photography institute in Delhi.
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