Top 5 PHP Frameworks to Checkout in 2019


Also known as hypertext preprocessor, PHP is a server-side, open source scripting language. It is also very popular framework. As of October 2018, over 80% of all websites have been using PHP.  

TGC as a Best Web Development institute in Delhi has produced thousands of successfully passed out students in the industry. following article highlights various frameworks of PHP to be in news in 2019.

Why PHP Framework?

A PHP Framework creates a structure to make the development process of web apps smoother and faster. PHP frameworks make applications and websites responsive which further helps businesses to meet their performance needs. So, it goes without saying that PHP frameworks will keep gaining popularity and attention in the year 2019.  

Here are the top 5 widely used PHP frameworks in 2019 which will help you in web development courses in Delhi.


It is a full-stack PHP framework which uses MVC architectural design pattern and was written originally in C and C++ and was launched in the year 2012. You don’t have to learn C language as it is offered as C- extension.


Launched in the year 2011, Laravel has been the most widely used and open source PHP framework as it can handle very complex web applications properly at a faster rate as compared to other frameworks. It makes development process smoother by making common tasks easier like sessions, routing, authentication, caching etc.

Symfony Framework for Developer

Symfony is known as one of the best PHP frameworks and the most scalable of all. It is also one of the best frameworks for web development to help you create a web application with ease. It is also easy to maintain a website with this framework. It is also beneficial for other components like Translation, Templating, Form Config, Validator and others to become one of the best PHP frameworks. In comparison to Laravel and Symfony, it is not easy to say which is better. They have a lot of unique and common features and both are widely used PHP frameworks.

CodeIgniter Powerful PHP Framework

Currently available in v2.2.6, Codeigniter is one of the most widely used PHP frameworks and comes with easy documentation. Some of the key features of CodeIgniter are support for standard hosting, no annoying coding rules, no template language needed, no large complex libraries, and almost zero configuration.

CakePHP Framework

The best part of CakePHP framework is that it is fully backward compatible so it is very easy to upgrade. Even though it doesn’t support newer PHP patterns, it is a kind of consistent framework when it comes to stable releases. Along with Fat Models, automatic routing approach and Skinny Controller automate most of the work.  Hence, it is one of the best and easiest PHP frameworks.

Which PHP framework you must use?

Using PHP frameworks makes it easier to develop web apps which helps reduce workload. Each framework has its pros and cons and they vary in terms of documentation, community and database support. Choosing best framework varies on factors like ease of use, security, documentation and scalability. So, you should consider the needs of application or project before choosing framework. TGC India is the best PHP training institute in India which covers different PHP frameworks to use.

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