Top 6 Web Development Frameworks to learn in 2020-2021?


Web development is a hot career prospect in 2020-2021. With new technologies emerging in this sphere, there will be a steady demand for web developers in the country. And more so because of this lockdown, as a sizable percentage of business activities have shifted online.

For the uninitiated, a web developer is responsible for programming, modifying, and maintaining a website as per client requirements. The aim is to present a visually appealing yet functional and easy-to-navigate website for the common masses.

Though the webspace is evolving at a fast pace, it is not feasible to implement new technology or programming language every single time and build everything up from scratch. It is practically impossible to do so. Thus, forks of innovation in the form of frameworks to provide discrete functionality are used to create even more visually appealing and user-friendly sites.

Here are the top web development frameworks for 2020-2021, the knowledge of some of all of which will find you in good stead to leave your competition behind in the quest of a fulfilling web development requirement.

Web Development
  • Laravel

Laravel is a PHP framework coded from scratch by one Taylor Otwell back in June 2011. The latest stable version of Laravel is 7.15.0. Laravel follows the MVC design structure norms. Thus, it has seen extensive usage in the years following its release.

Frameworks, just like most web technologies, are of two main types – front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side). Laravel belongs to the latter category. It is a full-fledged back-end PHP framework that helps in the creation of gorgeous looking web apps.

  • Django

From PHP, we jump straight to a Python-based framework. Django is one of the many popular open-source Python frameworks that powers more than 10,000 projects on the web today.

If you are a coder, you know about the simplicity of Python syntax, which makes it one of the most popular easy-to-grasp programming languages in the world. Naturally, this would extend to its frameworks as well.

But Django is one of the first choices for web developers not only for its simplicity but also for it’s modern and holistic approach towards problem-solving.

  • ReactJS (or React.js)

ReactJS is a Javascript framework. Strictly speaking, it is not precisely a ‘framework’ but a Javascript front-end library. But many developers treat it as a framework, and this merits its presence in this list. After all, we’re talking about web technologies here.

ReactJS is different as it follows a component-based architecture pattern. Javascript itself being versatile and powerful, all of its libraries, including ReactJS, provide powerful yet lucid ways to build appealing programs.

  • Spring

If you want to go the Java route, the Spring framework is your best friend. Spring is a popular Java framework that helps code back-end programs efficiently. 

Those developers already accustomed to Java would feel right at home while learning and implementing the Spring framework. Usually, the Java-based apps built using the Spring framework are robust, fast, and often portable.

Also, being based on Java implies more natural search and addition of dependencies required for individual projects.

  • ExpressJS

ExpressJS or simply Express is a relatively new framework on this list, having been developed sometime in 2019. But that does not in any way mean it is any less efficient. This is based on Node.js and is one of the best frameworks to learn in 2020, mainly because not many are trained in this yet. So if you can get your hands dirty on this, you would find yourself ahead of the curve already.

As you might have guessed by now, Express is based on Javascript and thus enjoys all of the wholesome goodness Javascript has on offer – easy syntax, comprehensive adoption trends being just a couple of them. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising to find this open-source framework climbing on top of the web development world sometime in the future.

  • AngularJS

You probably know about AngularJS if you are an aspiring web developer, don’t you? It is one of the best, if not the best-known Javascript-based open-source web development frameworks created and maintained by none other than the IT giant Google. 

AngularJS finds widespread usage in creating large-scale web-based apps from scratch. It is THE unofficial king of web frameworks and quite a handy skill to pick up if you want to rise above the competition in the web development scene in 2020.

You may be thinking, well, enough about the top frameworks – how to jump in and start learning one right away? For starters, you can obviously refer to the vast repository of online tutorials spread thick and wide on the Internet. Once you have found out what it is exactly that you want to pursue, you can move ahead to the hands-on training on the framework(s) of your choice.

Talking of which, we at TGC Animation and Multimedia (  provide training on a vast array of web development frameworks and technologies both online as well as a classroom-based training mode. Having trained 14,000 students in web design and counting…, we know the exact problems newbies, as well as seasoned veterans, might face in their careers ahead. If you want to get trained by the best in the industry and subsequently get placed in the firm of your dreams, contact them today!

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