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In the extensive use of PHP, Cake PHP comes to light. Cake PHP is an open source web application Framework. It is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web application, web services and web resources. It helps web developers with PHP alleviate the overhead involved in writing fresh codes in PHP on the path of web development. Most PHP training institutes however, do not offer Cake PHP as part of their syllabus. Cake PHP is being used by sites such as clinic finder, map me among other leading blogs and websites.  There are many advantages associated with the use of Cake PHP which includes.

  1. User Community.
    Cake PHP has a community of web developers using it and there is a very budding community where arising issues are discussed, new challenges are shared and problems are solved. It also affords the student and PHP developer a networking platform.
  2. Open-Source .
    Cake PHP is an open source framework. This means that it is available as a universal model with free license and can be subsequently developed by anyone.
  3. Code Generation.
    Cake PHP has a code generation feature that would help a coder skip several tedious steps in the coding process.
  4. Data Validation.
    Cake PHP has data validation which ensures that codes are clean, correct and useful. It uses routines to check for correctness, meaningful and security.
  5. Model –View-Controller Architecture.
    It is an architecture that divides the user interface into three interconnected parts, the model, the view and the controller. This software patternis widely adopted as the architecture for the world wide web. Budding programmers willing to join a PHP course while joining a good PHP training institute in Delhi must ask questions about the model view controllers.
  6. Fast and Flexible Template.
    Cake PHP uses template system that enables web developers present a large amount of content on similar looking pages in web applications and designs.
  7. Application Scaffolding.
    Scaffolding in programming is adopted in model-view-controller frameworks, where the programmer can specify how an application database is to be used. The compiler can then generate codes fromthese specificationsto create, read, update and delete database entries. This renders the template as a scaffold for building an application. Cake PHP is a model- view controller framework and one of the major benefits of this is its scaffolding ability. out of the many PHP training institutes in Delhi, TGC India is one of the places where students learn best in Cake PHP.
  8. Availability of Numerous Components.
    Cake PHP is a framework that is multifaceted in terms of it’s components. It supports email handling, Browser Cookies,WebSecurity, Sessions, and Request Handling Components.
  9. Compatibility.
    Cake PHP is compatible with PHP 4 upwards, as it is constantly being updated to cater for newer PHP versions. It also contains helpers for JavaScript, Html and even Ajax, making the web development process less of a headache for Web developers.
  10. Presence of Access Control List Features.
    Cake PHP has access control list that helps to restrict access to an object in a computer file system. It simply gives rights and privileges to certain users and systems on the web. It is mainly for power sharing according to the hierarchy of responsibilities and system security. TGC India is a PHP training institute in Delhi.
    TGC India can be a choice for many reasons such as best faculty in PHP coming from a typical programming background with years of experience and BTech and MCA degree, classes hold on Weekends for working professionals, friendly environment for learning, Live Projects during the training and placement assistance.
    Students can also join 6 months or 6 weeks of live project training in PHP with job placement assistance by in house dedicated HR. TGC is a choice of many of the engineering colleges in Delhi, UP, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

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