Web Design Vs Web Development


A lot of students often hear about Web design but very little is said about Web development. A lot of professionals also use the two terms interchangeably without knowing the clear marked difference between the two fields. Many times students register for courses and pay web designing course fees hoping to get web development training. For any student intending to study web designing or web development or already taking a web course, there are certain specifications that need to be known between the two courses.


What is the difference between web design and Web development?


Web Design deals with everything a visitor can see on a website, the customer-facing part. It focuses on how the web looks using the principles and elements of design such as balance, contrast, unity, consistency, emphasis, proportion and similarity as well as a combination of graphic and web design software to create.Web designing course fees are at great variance with web development fees and so is the training and requirements. Web Design is an art. Web Design makes use of software like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and web editing software like Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web 4.0 etc. In more technical terms web designers’ deals with the information architecture.

Web development deals with the back end of a website, it focuses on how the site works, how visitors on the site get things done. It involves the creation of dynamic pages. Dynamic web pages are web pages that display different content each time it is viewed due to the time of day it is viewed, the user accessing the web page or the specific user interaction. Web development deals a lot with programming and application development.


Web development is a science. Web development courses fees are predominantly higher than web designing course fees. While Web Designing course fees in India may be about INR 10,000, a typical comprehensive web development may cost upwards of INR 35,000. As expected the demand for web developers is always on the rise while web designers have arguably peaked. Web developers are even presently creating applications that would replace web designers by making anybody who can hold a computer mouse a web designer.


The only upside for a typical web designer would be the concepts of design and understanding of web usability which he must have learned in a web designing Institute. There are however more web designing institutes in Delhi than there are web development institutes and due to students not knowing the difference between the two, students who are often interested in Web development end up being cajoled into web design due to the low rates of web designing course fees. Web Development makes use of programs like PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails and asp.net. A typical web design course takes between 4-10 weeks, while a comprehensive web development course takes upwards of 6 months.


TGC India is an Institute in Delhi that not only offers both but has affordable web designing course fees and well as web development fees.

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