Why is it Fun to design and boring to code? (Web designing vs. web development) ?


PHP Course Vs Web Designing Course

Web Designing revolves around planning and deciding the layout of a website. For instance, a web designer takes the onus of creating the look and feel of websites. In a nutshell, people specialized in web designing course is supposed to manage the user interface of websites.

In contrast to this web development is all about the background data. To make it more explicit, let us take an instance, when a user fills data in a sign-up form on any website then how this data is saved to the database, how it is retrieved from the database, etc. is all covered under web development.

PHP is a scripting language that is widely deployed for web development and one can easily get a hold on this language by enrolling for a PHP course.

There are many reasons that highlight the increased liking for web designing course in comparison to PHP course and a few of them have been encapsulated below.


Web designing course involves only minimal coding that is related to the look of a website or web pages. One should know HTML and JavaScript initially for web designing and they are quite easy to grab a hold on. On the other hand, PHP course includes much of coding for PHP is a server-side scripting language and requires a lot of understanding about the functions, keywords, etc. Many people drop their minds when coding comes into the picture.

Creativity versus Logic

Web Designing Course is meant for people who have a creative inclination and believe that they can do wonders to the front end of any website. PHP course is meant for minds that have sharp logical abilities. Though there are people who are both website designer and website developer.

Database knowledge

Web Designers do not need to bother about database concepts while web developers need to know the concepts and should be capable enough to use them at the right place to get correct results.

Course Structure

PHP Course revolves around one language concepts like strings, arrays, functions, etc. and standards related to it while Web designing course includes information about various web standards, the structure of websites, types of hyperlinks, flash components, etc.

Website Standards versus Functionality

A web designer will make sure that everything is in place, good and useful content is present on the website, references are present and working correctly, etc. and website follows the protocols of a good website. A web developer using any language will ensure that values passed and the results returned are accurate. The data of users is safe and everything is working properly in the back end.

Despite these differences, a web designer and a web developer need to work in close coordination with each other and blend the technologies with the user interface of a website to make the website look simply awesome. If you are an aspiring web designer or web developer then you can enroll in a PHP Course or a web designing course at TGC. For more details visit http://www.tgcindia.com/ and they also provide android training in Delhi.

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