What are the career options for a Motion Graphics Artist in India?


Motion graphics are always needed in the motion pictures and video industry. In this article, we’ll look at the career options a motion graphics artist has in India.

But before we begin about the scope of motion graphics as a proper career option, we need to understand the term first.

What is motion graphics, and who is a motion graphics artist?

Motion graphics is a part of the umbrella term of animation. It uses audio and visuals to create an illusion of movement or rotation. It is mainly made of digital footage and animated pieces to do so.

A motionanimationartist or commonly called a motion designer is the one who creates such animations. He or she creates motion graphic clippings to be used in television, movies, web series, title sequences, commercials, etc.

What is the difference between motion graphics and graphic designs?

Graphic design is a static design without any movement or so, created by a graphics designer. On the other hand, motion graphics are used to take such static graphics and add animation to them to create the illusion of movements like rotation or motion.

Motion Graphics generally consists of texts, shapes, graphical contents that are moving or in any motion.

Now that we have a general idea of motion graphics and how it is different from any other form of animation let us see where it can be used.

The most common places where motion graphics is needed are as follows:

  • Motion graphics can be used to share various kinds of information to the viewers. Sharing information to viewers can be a difficult task as several times they don’t connect with it properly. Using motion graphics, a motion designer can be able to convey the message in a better way. This can be done by combining audio and visual animation pieces, which make the content more relatable for the viewers.
  • Small Business to Multinational companies, every brand needs its personalized logos. Motion graphics artists are highly required in this sector to create motion graphics logos for the brands. This is because, with time, more and more brands are shifting towards motion graphics logos to describe their services, unlike static logos.
  • Movies and other forms of video titles also require motion graphics heavily. The Paramount Pictures, Disney, Warner Bros Logos etc. that we’re accustomed to seeing at the beginning of movies are best examples of motion graphics. In India, as movies and especially web series content is increasing due to the boom of OTT, motion graphics designers or artists are highly in need.
  • Digital marketing is another booming career in India right now. And almost all the kinds of campaigns in digital marketing use motion graphics content for ad purposes. Thus creating a need for good motion graphics artists or designers.
  • Nowadays, even social media highly uses motion graphics. With the popularity of social media and dependency of people on it, motion graphics designers can easily get work under any of the social media companies. Their job is to create various types of posts related to any and every type of content like news, trending topics, entertainment, information, etc. This is because the motion attracts more viewers, and they connect in a better way with the posts instead of static ones.


Though we’ve only mentioned a few options, there are several other options for how motion graphics artists or designers can earn a high amount. All that’s needed is a good skillset along with a strong portfolio to reap the benefits of this booming job sector.

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