Where to learn Hollywood animation techniques in India?


Animators imagine something, build it and then give life to it. To become a skilled animation professional you should join a professional Animation course in Delhi.

This article discusses the Hollywood animation techniques which present a lucrative career option. These techniques are covered in details by any good course. Here are the most common techniques from your favorite Hollywood movies:

1.   Motion Capture

In motion capture, the motion and movements of human actors are recorded. These motions are then transferred to a computer and converted to a digital form to animate 2D & mostly 3D character models and build realistic characters.

Motion capture has been used in many movies like Avatar and The Lord of the Rings to name a few. Happy Feet Two used motion capture for the dancing penguins. A good course can help you learn this technique through live studio sessions.


2.   Rotoscoping

In rotoscoping film footage of a human actor is used to create realistic human movements. Animators do this by taking each frame of the footage and tracing/drawing over it. This creates a unique storytelling mechanism. Many Disney movies like “The Snowhite” have used rotoscoping. If you take a course you will mostly find a whole module dedicated to this technique.


3.   Rigging

Rigging is one of the most important techniques in 3D animation form. In rigging a 3D model is imparted joints/handles so that the animators bend the model and apply poses to it as desired. The characters in the blockbuster Avatar used a lot of rigging especially facial rigging. High resolution facial mesh-like structures called facial rigs was used to build fine facial details and make the expressions real like.

Along with rigging many other 3D animation techniques like shading & rendering, lighting etc. are used to create characters which astonish us. Movies like Toy Story, Up and Shrek have used 3D animation techniques. You can take up a 3D  course and brighten up your animation career prospects.


4.   2D animation techniques

In 2D animation, images are arranged in a sequence and moved very fast to create the perception of motion. Earlier the images were hand-drawn but nowadays the images are created in a 2D environment using a computer. Adobe Flash is commonly used for 2D animation. Some software’s allow the use of 2D elements in a 3D environment.

Most of the earlier Disney movies like The Lion King; The etc. used traditional hand-drawn 2D animation. Any good 2D course first covers basic hand drawing and sketching techniques.

You can master any technique out of these and build a remarkable career in it. Apart from these, there are many other techniques which are used to build Hollywood films. However, these techniques are the most widely used ones. If out find these interesting lookout for a good course.

A good course teaches these techniques in details through live examples and studio sessions. You can do a degree course or a diploma to get your first break in animation.



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