Why it is Essential to Master in Typography, to Succeed as a Graphic Designer


Why it is Essential to Master in Typography, to Succeed as a Graphic Designer

Both “font” and “typography” are the terms that are often used interchangeably and go hand in hand. From the perspective of a graphic designer, there is a difference between typography and fonts and play a vital role in graphic designer courses in Delhi. Over the past couple of years, graphic designers have understood the value of typography, as well as the latest, tends which have acknowledged their major role in modern design trends. Typography is not all about choosing cute and stylish fonts.


What is Typography, by the way?

Simply speaking, typography is the art and method of arranging the type, including each component which may play a role in graphic design, such as –

  • Color palette
  • Choice of typeface
  • Line length
  • Point size
  • Layout between others and design integration


Why is Typography used?

Because of the fact that typography is merged closely with graphic design, there are many people suffer the myth that it is designed to make the website attractive.

  • Typography is also aimed at readability. It doesn’t mean to be looking appealing, but it is added a bonus.
  • Typography has nothing to do with the appeal.

Over 95% of most of the graphic websites are covered by content. Basically, it is the art of showing content. Even various professional designers forget that –

  • Content must be easy to perceive
  • Content brings visitors to the website
  • Content retains the attention of visitors to the website

After studying from the best graphic design colleges in Delhi, we have gathered some of the tips which may help you –


Make the Right Choice of Font to add appeal

The key to use typeface or font selection is conveying the purpose of content and graphics site. Here’s what you need to do before selecting font –

  • Review the main purpose of the article, company, product, or content
  • Once you have cleared the main point that you would want to convey to your reader, you can design or choose typeface which reflects your content’s purpose.



Arranging and aligning text on the website can play a very vital role in the readability of content. With the power of Photoshop and CSS images for the designers, you can easily align the text you feel. There are generally four different types of font alignments – left, right, justified, and centered. Keep in mind that alignment of text should direct the users and readers to the most vital information and to help see the flow and structure of the graphics.


Typography – An art

Attractive typography and beautiful design are widely used to add to the text message in the print industry. With the help of CSS3, font squirrel, Typekit etc, you can add beautiful typography to the design of graphics according to the needs.


Improve Type Size

Depending on the importance of content, you can keep the font size larger. Learn how to use size to your advantage in your designs to convey your desired message to the viewers on the content and purpose of the graphic.


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