Why Prefer PHP for Web Application Development?

Why_Prefer_PHP_for_Web_Application_Development-01We all see such great dynamic and creative websites these days. You can easily upload content in these sites. Every time you open these sites there is something new like a new news item or an event. What actually goes behind such websites? Yes, you are right Hypertext Processor (PHP).

This article discusses why you should prefer PHP for web application development. A good PHP training institute in Delhi offers training on PHP to help you become a skilled PHP developer.

Reasons to prefer PHP for developing web applications?

1. Cost effective
PHP is an open source scripting language. You won’t have to worry about licenses.Thus you can use it for building both commercial and personal websites at no cost. It is open source and thus can be easily extended.

2. Fast learning curve
PHP is easier to learn as compared to other scripting languages. Infact the later versions of PHP like PHP 5.4 use object-oriented features very similar to C/C++. Thus if you are already skilled in C/C++/Java, PHP can be simple for you. A good institute can help you master PHP.

3. Helps build highly secure web applications
Internet security is always a serious issue. With PHP you can build highly secure enterprise web applications. A good Institute for PHP covers all these aspects in details.

4. Versatile
PHP works well on all operating systems (OS) like Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. It easily runs on web servers like Apache and IIS. It works well with databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and IBM. Therefore it is highly flexible.

5. Fast runtime
If a language’s runtime is not good then the website’s performance automatically suffers. However with PHP you will not face performance problems. Infact the later versions of PHP like PHP 5.4 scripts consume less memory thereby enhancing the performance manifolds.

6. Easy integration and management
PHP has a modular structure. Thus it can easily be integrated with a number of libraries like the ones for XML and graphics. PHP is very interactive and things such as adding movies, images, files etc. can be performed quickly and easily. Keeping track of customer’s activities on the site is also hassle free.

PHP can be used to create user friendly, attractive, dynamic and secure web applications. You can use it to develop web portals, e-commerce websites, mobile applications, social networking websites, blogging sites, content management systems and CRM applications to name a few. You can build such great websites once you are done with your training from a good institute.

The CEO of Zend Technologies, a popular PHP organization says that PHP is the only ecosystem which is completely enterprise-level and ready to take on platforms like Java & .Net.

If you want to join the field of web development then you should definitely learn PHP. A good institute can train you fully to develop professional websites using PHP. These institutes use a practical teaching methodology and conduct a number of practical sessions/discussions to make you totally job ready. So if you desire to be a skilled PHP programmer you must join an institute soon! Are you ready?




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