Become an Adobe Certified Associate

An ACA or Adobe Certified Associate certifies that the person has all the entry-level skills to design, plan, build and retain proper communications with various forms of digital media. You can gain entry-level skills with this Adobe certification and the use of digital media program from Adobe.

An ACA Specialist certificate can take your ACA certifications to another level which is a great thing you can do right away. You can get ACA specialist certificate to certify that you have cross-platform abilities in Adobe. It speaks volumes to academic institutions, potential employers, and the world. It is very simple to get an ACA Specialist certificate.

There are three ACA exams to clear for schools and for individuals. Each of these exams will certify your entry-level skills in communication-related to the respective Adobe program –

Importance of ACA Certification


A student can make their career path and his the ability to influence in a unique way. In this huge and connected digital world at your own fingertips, you can easily know what you should do and what you need to be. The problem is when you don’t know how to get there and how to do it as quickly as possible.

At TGC India, you will have access to different types of software programs and services that are used by professionals in different industries so you can easily move smoothly to your career from your training. The ACA certification in India validates your knowledge and skills on the software to your potential employers. The job market keeps on evolving and changing. So, your ACA certification is mandatory for you to find the job and use tools to evolve and change. What you will learn now will prepare you for what comes next in your way.

Apart from validating skills, opening your career path, and offering academic achievement, ACA certification helps you nurture your creativity and unleashes it, which is probably the most important benefit. You are full of creativity, you have passion, and you have a story within. So, it is the best time to share what you have, to forge your path, to connect, and to create a great new story. If you are all set to forge your path, ACA certification is mandatory for your success.


Being a teacher, you have a great power to instill and recognize creativity in those who come to learn from you. The classroom shouldn’t be sterile or boring. Instead, it should be a place where you foster growth and provide opportunity day by day, and year after year. It is not all about what students are doing now; it is also what they will do in future. You should help them unlock their true potential.

With ACA certification, you can leave behind the desks and chairs, and be the part of an international digital classroom. You can give your students an opportunity to earn certification and showcase their abilities and skills to their employers. TGC India is the best ACA training institute in Delhi.

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