Can You Believe, How Awesome it is to Make Career in Animation These Days?


The animation industry has plenty of career opportunities for everyone. You can choose a career option which suits your skills and abilities the best. Animation courses impart holistic training so that the students are in a position to take up any career option of their choice.


This article discusses the career options available to you as soon as you finish your animation course. Let us look at the popular options:


1. Production Designer

Production designers basically decide things like the movie characters, backgrounds, and visual effects. They should have basic knowledge of all the key concepts of animation like character animation, lighting, backdrops etc. to name a few.


2. Art Director

As the name suggests the art director is responsible for building sketches out of thoughts/rough ideas. The art directors report to the production designers and are also responsible for setting appropriate technical standards regarding the use of tools and techniques in the movies.


3.Layout Artist

Layout artists basically set up cameras; dialogues etc. and determine the actions for a particular scene. these courses cover the concepts of layout through practical sessions.


4. Character Designer

Character designers are responsible for designing or drawing characters on paper. They have the ability to convert any concept or rough idea to a full-fledged character. Character designers possess excellent drawing/sketching skills.


5. Storyboard Artist

Storyboard artists are responsible for building sketches out of scripts. These sketches are then passed on to the production department for animation. Storyboard artists should have good imagination skills and an eye for detail. These type of courses cover the concept of storyboarding in details.


6. Environment Designer

Environment designers are responsible for designing environments for various scenes. This role involves a lot of research because a designer might have to design things like trees, climate, houses, and lights etc. which suit a scene well.


7. 3D modelers

3D modelers are responsible for developing 3D character models supposed to be animated at a later stage. 3D modelers initially draw specific views of a character on paper and then build its model on computer software.


8. Rigger

A character rigger is responsible for building a proper skeleton for the 3D models so that the animators can apply poses to a model. Riggers set up proper controls/handles for animation. This is a very important career option these days as rigging renders real-like properties to a 3D model/character.


9. 3D Animators

3D animators are responsible for animating and applying poses to the rigged 3D models. They bring characters to life. There are specific courses for 3D animation.


10. Lighting Artist

Lighting artists are responsible for building proper color combinations for a scene with appropriate lighting. Lights have to be created suitable to depict the desired moods/expressions. Lighting artists also conduct lighting tests and evaluate the lighting effects which draw maximum attention to a scene.


The last four career options are primarily in the field of 3D animation. However, these career options have carved out their own space in the animation industry and are highly demanded.


To sum up, the animation industry has many career options to accommodate your skills and interests. Animation courses in Delhi help you become an all-round animator to take up any career option of your choice. So, if the animation of animation appeals to you join a good course now!

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