Difference between MEAN Stack Programmer and Full Stack Programmer


You may have come across the terms “Full Stack programmer” and “MEAN Stack programmer” and confused what they are.  To get the better understanding of them, let’s discuss the structure of the web. The first things you need to know here are front-end development and back-end development – the two main components of web development.


Front-end development


Front-end developers are engaged to work on the client side which means they work on the overall look of the website and are focused on making it innovative. For example, optimizing the website for various devices and web browsers, and using a colored button on a website. Front-end developers should have proper knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and frameworks like Foundation, jQuery, Angular, Foundation, and Bootstrap.


All in all, each aspect is accessible to the client or the users. It includes everything like web pages, buttons, text, forms, images etc. and behavior of all web components which are controlled by languages and their frameworks.


Backend Development


It is another important aspect of web development. It includes everything on the server side, including manipulations of data and logical processes from a client side, and retrieval and storage of data from and to the database. It focuses on making the website functional, i.e. by making the website faster, and adding new features. Back-end developer should have the proper know-how of server-side languages, such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python etc.


Along with languages, back-end developers should also work with frameworks related to the language they have knowledge on. If you have knowledge of PHP, you should also learn its frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel, etc. If you work on JavaScript, you should also learn Express.js, Node.js, and other frameworks.


Usually, developers learn to work on one of those domains at web development courses in Delhi. But some developers also work on both back end and front end, who are known as full-stack programmers.


There are different server-side languages you can learn like Python, JavaScript, and PHP. The technology used in the back-end varies. In the front-end, the same technologies are used.


For example, HTML, CSS3, jQuery are used by both Python developers and PHP developers on front-end development. For the back-end, Python developer would use only Python and PHP developer would go with PHP.


Developers are further classified as MEAN Stack developers, WAMP Developers, and LAMP developers according to the back-end technologies they work on.


About MEAN Stack Developers


MEAN Stack developers use JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development. No matter what back-end technology you may use, you need to learn JavaScript. There is no need to learn a new programming language on the server side to work on the back-end and front-end development. MEAN Stack developers work on the following frameworks –


MongoDB – It is a database to store data in structures along with tables used by MySQL.


Express.js – It is a framework for back-end Node.js to provide amazing features to the developers in mobile and web applications.


Angular – For front-end work, Angular features two-way data binding, MVC support, auto form validation, and code reusability.


Node.js – It is used to develop web apps/websites and for back-end development to manage large traffic.


MEAN Stack offers scalability to the developers.  It develops products to manage huge traffic without affecting product performance. All frameworks provide better scalability than others. To learn web development, TGC is the best mean stack institute in India.

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