Getting a Job as a flash animator


The field of animation like most other fields has several different areas in which a student can specialize. Jobs in the animation field are usually an area of specialization specific. A flash animator is basically a 2D animator with the extensive use of Adobe Flash. These animations can be for graphic design, web design and 2D animation film or television program. To get a job as a 2D flash animator, here are some skills and qualifications a potential employee should possess.

An animation student hoping to work as a flash animator should

  1. Be able to Create high-quality illustrations (hand-drawn and/or software aided drawings) of characters/people, objects and backgrounds. Illustrations must be of very high artistic quality to meet international standards. In most cases, it is very advisable to expose oneself to the international scene standards; Indian character styles alone would be very limiting.
  1. Be able to Create 2D animations using Adobe  Flash while strictly adhering to the  graphic descriptions provided in the storyboards for use in Web-based Display  or other multimedia outlets
  1. Doodle (rough sketch) your ideas before implementing them, for client or supervisor approval and appreciation.
  1.  Effectively and efficiently understand graphic descriptions, and must be able to work in a team with writers and creative directors and well as Contributing and exchanging ideas during brainstorming sessions.
  1. Have a creative and visual art background such as a creative course certificate. The in-depth knowledge of  Flash animation concepts and any other 2D animation software is very essential.
  1. Creative enough to come up with designs of their own. Most companies would prefer to have an employee that comes up with good concepts and the flash animator most of the time is also required to come up with ideas and pitches for several occasion and clients.
  1. Communication in English is very important for anyone trying to get a job in a field like animation.
  1. Possess the ability to self-develop on the job. The ability to learn new tools and technologies is also very important. Apart from Flash, there combinations also some very remarkable software like toon boom, swish etc. That can be used for animation. Must be able to learn new design styles and concepts and implement them
  1. Possess a combination of ability with Flash animation and illustration.  Most companies would require both an of skills, not just an illustrator who has poor animation abilities or no desire to learn Flash animation or a flash animator who has no knowledge of illustration.
  1.  Be able to work with Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver( for web animation) and Adobe Illustrator or other software like Gimp,
  1. Develop a flash animator showreel, with the focus for both web animation such as web infomercials and 2D film and television commercials. Showreels can be duped on CD or uploaded on a website whose link would be put in the student resume or on a job social site like LinkedIn.



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