How to Become Google Certified in Adwords?

Google Adwords certification is very important as it is one of the best ways to prove that you have relevant knowledge in your respective field. It needs a specific level of efforts to gain experience or learn the concepts in daily use of Adwords to achieve.


About Google Adwords Certification

With Google Adwords certification, marketers are recognized as professionals in online advertising. After clearing two exams of Adwords certification, you might be featured on Google Partners profile page and get personalized certification. Google Adwords has been evolved rapidly like several Google properties, products, and initiatives.

Individual certification works much likely the same way it did a couple of years ago. It can be confusing to be offered with Google Partners program for students and individuals who are not affiliated with or working for Google Partner agency.

Certification has been an expected or minimum requirement also for entry level roles for corporations and agencies over the years. In this guide, we will discuss how to get Adwords certified in Google Partner program as this process can be confusing when it’s your first time.


Select or Create Google Account

First of all, choose the right Google account for certification. If you work for a company or agency, you may want to use your work email.

If you are doing certification yourself, you can choose a Google account to tie with your certification publicly and personally. It can be Google or Gmail account connected to any of your personal emails. You can log on to to create a new account.


Join Google Partners Program

After creating your Google account, be sure to sign out of other Google accounts. Like other Google products, there are some login challenges or conflict if you are logged into several accounts. Visit to log into account that you want to use for Google certification.

Click on “Join Google Partners” and on “Join Now” button. It will show you the terms of service. Once you click through it, you can officially join Google Partners program.


Complete Profile

Now you have to complete profile. Your individual profile can be listed in Google Partner directory. Your certifications will be linked to this profile. Fill some specific fields if Google doesn’t have this information. You can also search for your organization in directory and ask to affiliate with it. Submit affiliation request for Google Partner account of your company.


Preparing for Exams

There are many institutes like TGC offering Google Adwords training in Delhi. Google also offers extensive academic content and basic educational info. If you are relatively new to certification exams, check their academy content.

Be sure to invest up to four hours to learn through written content and video and pass the sample exam in each module. If you are looking for best training, TGC is the best Google Analytics training institute in India. It is always wise to go through the modules if you have deep insight or managing Adwords campaigns. Sample questions always come handy.


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