Recreational Courses for summer


Summer is here again and most schools are on break. In the past the best way to spend summer was to sit in front of the television and watch Bollywood movies all day, learn all the songs, have your friends over , tell each other stories and then play in the park. In this present day and time, the need to acquire a skill has become way more important than taking  long strolls in the park and talking about everything and Nothing. Here are a few practical summer courses that you can partake in , that would go a long way in helping you in any area of study you have chosen.


  1. Print Layout Design
    This short-term course would teach you how to create flyers, banners, books, novels, textbooks, brochures and pretty much any kind of paper layout. No matter what area of study your course is or what sector you work, the need to present a paper, make a banner, draw up a brochure, design a newsletter or a magazine or even a bulletin may arise. This course would afford you the skill you need to be combined with your own creativity to make eccentric print layouts. Software to be covered in this course would include Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and a detailed look at file formats and file format conversion.
  2. Photography
    The world of photography is very diverse. Photography has evolved from the simple clicking of pictures that it was decades ago. A summer course in one of the many aspect of photography such as  Crime Scene Photography, Portraits photography, Fashion photography, Advertising Photography, Events and Portraits photography, editorial , sports, press, landscape ,travel and wildlife photography  and food photography would be very handy even in the fields of medicine, engineering and all other social and humanities courses. A typical photography course would include photography basics, camera settings, the use of Natural and Artificial light for photography, picture framing and composition,  and picture processing with Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Internet Marketing
    Internet Marketing is the new form of marketing where individuals can sell and market their own products and services online without the traditional form of marketing. Internet marketing is divided into four main parts.
    Search Engine Optimization- which is a continuous set of activities carried on or off the website in order to make the website visible to search engines for a particular search keyword ahead of other related websites to the same keyword.
    Search Engine Marketing- This is the act of ads displays for certain keywords. These ads are grouped under sponsored and are mostly on pay per click basis.
    Social Media Marketing- This involves the use of Social Media to sell products and services
    Social Media Optimization- This involves developing the social media presence of a company or website on social media platforms.  A typical Internet Marketing Course would include the use of Google Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster and a lot of SEO and SEM tools. It would also involve content development, architecture and brand development.
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