Top Features in Latest Version of Autodesk Maya and 3Ds Max


It goes without saying that 3Ds Max and Maya are two of the most widely used and popular 3D modeling tools by Autodesk ruling the 3D and animation industry. Autodesk has the huge user base and is applied in different design fields.

Autodesk has just released 3ds Max 2019 variant. So, let’s take a look at what’s new in 3ds Max 2019. Some of the latest features coming with the latest version of this modeling program include project pipeline refined, OSL maps, and new VR tools.

All of these features have been provided to allow more room to customize workflows and designs –

OSL Maps

Open Sharing Language (OSL) maps are available with more than 100 shaders, including simple nods of mathematics to create textures in a specific pattern with ease. They can easily be modified well from material editor. Live map updates will be seen in real time through ActiveShade and Viewport.

Splines Boolean Operations

You can perform Boolean Operations on more than one close-ended or open-ended shape for splines. The operation consists of dynamic fillets and/or chamfer which are mandatory for free movements. It also includes quad capping mode which is added newly and can be used to cover spline-based and renderable geometries.

Wood Material Functionality

The world-famous wood material functionality of 360s is added to 3ds Max 2019. With these new features, artists can now make easy to customize wood textures. You can choose from different presets like oak, maple, cherry, pine, walnut, or mahogany. You can also change parameters from there like roughness, finish, or bump.

Option to edit VR scenes

You can now edit scene layouts in virtual reality directly. You can push back all of the edits to 3ds Max at the same time.

Pipeline Feature to Manage projects

It is a lot easier these days to manage pipelines, projects and collaborate with other users efficiently on the same project.

Here are some of the changes that improve the management of project –

  • Updated tools set for added control of folder structures
  • You can share assets from interface to Autodesk viewer
  • Ability to attach metadata on the basis of string to any scene file without having to load it to the program.
  • You can share Alembic data from 3ds Max to other 3D software with ease. Now, this version supports material
  • IDs, UVs, vertex colors and layer names.
  • Share assets from UI directly to Autodesk viewer online.

What’s new in Maya 2018?

Maya 2018 is a 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and simulation program for the artists to work faster to enhance new tools and workflows.

Look and feel of UV editor

Autodesk has completely overhauled UV Editor Interface and added new UV toolkit with better functionality and tools.

Interactive grooming with clump modifier

You can generate life-like clumping effects in fur and hair for natural looking hair.

Live link

Users can create a live link between Adobe After Effects and Maya to view scenes and make changes in real time.

MASH nodes

In MASH toolset, you can have new nodes like signal, curve, placer, world etc, along with updates to current nodes.

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