Why You Should Attend SMO Training?


SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. It is one you, of four parts of internet marketing and it deals with the optimization of online content and web pages for Social Media. The use of Social media has greatly increased with Facebook alone having about one billion active users across the world. It has become imperative to optimize web content so that it can easily be shared among a potential one billion people across the world. Optimizing your content for social media effectively and efficiently might require you, attending an SMO training. A typical SMO training syllabus contains the information which you would need to effectively optimize anything on social media. Looking from the SMO training syllabus perspective, there are certain reasons to attend SMO training.

  1. Understanding how Social Media works.

An SMO training would afford its student the knowledge of how social media works, how it was developed and how it manages information through aggregators, alerts and also it’s algorithms. It would also introduce the student to the major social media platforms detailing their strengths and weakness in terms of use and organization sector and projected behavior with time as well as the up and coming Social Media Platforms and the interrelationship between the social media platforms in terms of ownership, and how behavior on one affects the other.

  1. Learning effective Social Media Optimization activities

An SMO training syllabus would contain how to an effective manage An use touchpoint analysis, the concept of scheduling and managing content programs using planned worksheets in order to help the student carry out effective Social media optimizing. It would also focus on in-house guidelines, the legal side of the social media and do’s and don’ts of social media optimization to ensure that all optimization activities are highly effective and productive within the confines of the rules and regulations of Social Media.

  1. Understanding the Use of Social Media for Branding.

Social Media optimization and branding go “Pari Passu”, A typical SMO training syllabus would include the effects of Social Media optimization on Branding. This mostly involves finding people, blogs or companies who are known as “Influencers”. Influencers determine the people’s choice and through social Media alongside other avenues, they can easily bring a product, a website or service from obscurity to a top of the mind product or service.

  1. Understand the relationship between SMO, SMM, SEO, and SEM.

SMO is a quarter of internet marketing, the other three being SMM (Social Media Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing). All these four parts of internet marketing are related and you can’t learn one without the mentioning the other. A typical SMO training syllabus would also explain how they affect each other in their use of Internet Marketing.

  1. Learn how to establish metrics for measuring Social Media optimization success.

This would focus on the feedback from Social Media optimization activities. It would ensure that you know what exact activities are leading to conversion, resulting in goodwill or helping to generate influencers or reach already established influencers.

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