A Career in Graphic Designing Course
After 12th

Do you want to Know about Graphic Designing Course After 12th, If yes Then keep Reading this Post, As the world undergoes a rapid modernization, any knowledge related to computer gains popularity. Whether it is coding, animation, or graphic designing, if you are a master of anything digital-related, then your value in the corporate market will increase by ten-folds. That is the reason why so many careers are available in a graphing designing profession after 12th.

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About Graphic Designing

In simple terms, graphic designing is that medium of communication that involves relaying visual information through tying apography, iconography, illustrations, and so on. Many courses help interested students specialize in this arena, and also in related sectors all over the world. Graphic designing in India is also taking a popular turn because of the growing demand.

Advantages of Pursuing Graphic Designing Course After 12th

Contrary to popular beliefs, engineering and medicine aren’t the only sought-after professions in India. Computer-related courses like Graphic Designing are becoming very popular in recent days. This growth in the courses’ popularity is because of their immense benefits:

Versatile Profession

Graphic designing is one of the most versatile professions. All the industries have their presence on the internet. As a result, all of them need to hire many graphic designers to fulfil their requirements.

Room for Growth

When we compare graphic designing to other courses, we find that it is a new profession. As a result, there is a lot of room for growth and experimenting around to invent new concepts and techniques. Any creative, out-of-the-box thinking can set you apart from your competition.

Easy to Learn

One of the most significant advantages of pursuing graphic design is the simplicity of the course. Anyone with a slightly creative mind would do wonders in this profession.

Be Your Own Boss

Creative freedom is another privilege that graphic designers enjoy. When you gain experience, people no longer question your thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, you would have the freedom to choose and work on your designs.

Imagination and Creativity

Graphic designing enhances one’s creativity. When it comes to digital media, creativity is one of the most key aspects of any professional. As such, pursuing a graphic designing course can help you become better equipped for other such courses and sectors as well.

Step-By-Step Guide to Pursue Graphic Designing after 12th

If you wish to pursue graphic designing after your 12th board examinations, then you need to be thorough with all your steps.

Determine your area of interest:

Graphic design is a vast subject. Before you go on to decide your college or even your course, you should first read up about different aspects of graphic designing.

Select a suitable course:

In most cases, the course that you pursue matters more than the college that you choose. Therefore you need to be clear about the course that you want to pursue in graphic designing. If you want to do a full-fledged study on the subject, you can opt for Undergraduate programs or diplomas. If you want to specialize in specific areas of graphic designing in a short period, you can choose certificate courses.

Select an appropriate college or institute:

Let’s face it – finding the best college for the course of your choice is a life-defining choice. Your institute is what makes you into a professional individual. So give this decision an ample amount of thought.

Get admission, gain experience:

Your job is not done after you take admission into your preferred college. Graphic designers need to have a healthy portfolio. One way to do this is to gain a lot of experience through internships, freelancing, event-managing, and so on. Make sure that you make use of your college experience to strengthen your portfolio for prospects.

Courses to Pursue in Graphic
Designing after 12th

There are many courses that one can take up after the 12th when it comes to graphic designing. The list of choices is endless. But pursuing a popular course can help give the students a little nudge in the right direction.

Course Name Course Duration Course Type
Certificate in Graphic Designing 6 Months Certificate Course
Graduate Program in Graphic Design 3 years Bachelor’s Level Course
Graphic Designing Short Term Courses 3 Months Short Term
Adv. Diploma In Graphic Designs 1 years Diploma
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Career Scope in Design after 12th

As we have mentioned before in the article, career prospects in design courses are very flexible. Most industries nowadays have an internet presence that requires maintenance in the form of graphic designing.

Job Position Areas of Employement Average Salary(Per Annum)
Multimedia Designer Websites, software companies, institutes, businesses INR 1 lakhs – INR 4 lakhs
Product Designer Start-ups, companies, tech-industries, e-commerce platforms INR 1.2 lakhs – INR 6 lakhs
Logo Designer Gaming teams, companies, businesses, websites, institutes INR 1.5 lakhs – INR 3 lakhs
Graphic Designer Industries, Corporate Sector, Businesses, Freelance Recruiters INR 2 lakhs – INR 5 lakhs
Brand Identity Designer Companies, brands, celebrities INR 3 lakhs – INR 10 lakhs

Please note that the salaries mentioned above are only a reflection of the average earned by a small proportion of professionals who work in these respective industries. With a good portfolio and healthy experience, one can earn a lot more than the mentioned amounts.

Other Best Courses Related to
Graphic Designing after 12th

Graphic designing isn’t just about GFX. It is also a medium of communication that top brands often use to sway the masses to market their products in a better manner. As such, many courses are similar to graphic designing and have a much wider range of career opportunities. For example, a Bachelor’s and Advanced Diploma in 3D Animation is quite like graphic designing. But here, the concept of 3-Dimensional work is brought into practice. In the same way, there are many certificate courses, degrees, and diplomas in animation & multimedia, VFX, 2D, and 3D GFX, and so on. All of these courses have their specialities and are very closely linked with graphic designing

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